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Mini 10.5 E

Mini 10.5 E
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Compact and flexible

Mini 10.5 E is driven by a 230 Volt-electronic motor which can be connected to a mains with a fuse of only 10 A. Mini 10.5 E is particularly suited for continuous operation.

Standard features include hydraulic stabilizers and 2-step dual controls to ground and basket. Design features include a basket mounting that forms a "fly" boom mounted to the top boom section and gives increased outreach over roof edges or other obstacles.The specially designed steel booms made from high and broad profiles allow a great outreach with an exceptional degree of stability and rigidity. The wiring is protected inside the boom system.


Adjustable travelling width:
As standard the lift is equipped with an adjustable wheel axle which means that the lift with the wheels in the outer position is very stable during towing. Furthermore, it is possible to reduce the travelling width, so that the lift can pass through a 0.8 m doorway.

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Technical features

Max. working height 10.5 m
Max. outreach 6.8 m
Basket size 0.7x0.7x1.1 m
Travelling length 5.90 m
Travelling height 1.95 m
Travelling width 1.20 / 0.78 m
Operational width 3.4 m
Power supply 230 V 10 A
Rotation ± 355°
Max. basket load 125 kg
Total weight approx 1050 kg