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Industrial Access SA -
Acces & Lifting  Equipment Division

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Smart Rent - Industrial Access SA

Credit crunch? What about renting?
Renting enables you to enjoy the most suitable solution for each case and pay only whilst you use it

With Industrial Access’ Smart Rent you will achieve:

  1. covering all your operating requirements,
  2. having the best technical team directly on your site
  3. working with the "most up-to-date equipment"
  4. disposing of the equipment you need exactly where and when you need it, only.

And you will also save, as you will forget about:

  1. Going into debt 
  2. tying up your resources
  3. "paying whilst you are storing"
  4. the maintenance costs of your tools, machinery, elements….

As you can see with Industrial Access and its rental is all advantages:

  • You will be able to invest in what will "really" be profitable for you. (forget about purchasing a machine that you will only use for a short time, and that whilst it is not in operation it continues costing you money)
  • You have available the entire Industrial Access’ range: choose the equipment, model and configuration that best adapts to you….and request it only for when you need it.
  • Always use the latest model, which provides all the advances that facilitate your work.
  • Free space in your warehouse. You will no longer need to extend your installations for storage or workshop. Industrial Access does it for you.
  • Don't buy today what you will possibly not need tomorrow. Today you have one type of requirement…tomorrow you may have another one, don't run the risk that your investment loses its value.

Play it SMART! Rent Today!
Use Smart Rent from Industrial Access!